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Skelleftea, Sweden

Skelleftea, Sweden

This city lies in the province of Västerbotten with a population of 75 thousand spread over an extensive area of 7200 km2 along the coast of Gulf of Bothnia approximately 800 km north of Stockholm. Founded only 155 years ago Skelleftea is a relatively young city, however, the territory is much older with archaeologists' findings providing evidence of people living here more than 6000 years ago.

Today the city has its own university and a number of sporting and cultural facilities. Gold is mined here and timber is processed here in a unique manner. The local ice hockey team plays in a very nice ice stadium which played an important role in developing relations between Pardubice and Skelleftea. Friendly matches between the two teams back in the 60's led to real friendships, and in April 1968 a twin town agreement was signed. This long-term partnership has allowed many relationships and friendships to develop between institutions as well as individuals and despite the large distance between our cities mutual relations are very close indeed.

Between the cities of Skelleftea and Pardubice, there were also civil servant or teacher exchanges. For the 40th anniversary of the partnership of our cities; a high school guitar ensemble came to Pardubice to perform in several concerts. There is a high-level of a cooperation between the primary schools and the high schools, of which there are many visits happening not only in there field of education, but also cultural exchanges including visits by dancing groups or choirs.

If you ever set out to visit Skelleftea the hospitality of the local population will surely convince you of this.