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East Lothian, The Great Britain

East Lothian, The Great Britain

East Lothian is one of the administrative counties of Scotland, located southeast of the capital city of Edinburgh, which it border, as well as Middle Lothian to the west.   East Lothian’s population is about 98,000 inhabitants.

It is 40 miles from the picturesque Scottish coast, which boasts golden beaches, impressive cliffs and other natural attractions.  The East Lothian area is home to golf, the best parks and beach courses in the world reside here. Musselburgh, the famous racecourse is also here, which hosts as many as 26 races a year.

Area of cooperation with City of Pardubice: The two cities cooperate on field horse races.  British Day, which usually takes places in May, is held on The Pardubice Racecourse. Scottish pipers or dancing groups frequent this event, and always culturally enrich horse racing program.  There is also a civil servant exchange and exchange programs for football teams.