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Pernik, Bulgaria

Pernik, Bulgaria

PrenikThe largest city in south-west Bulgaria lies a mere 30 kilometres from Sofia in the beautiful valley of the river Strum surrounded by the Vitoša, Golo Burdo and Ljubin Mountains. The first mention of a settlement in this area dates back to the 6th century B.C.; today there is a population of ninety thousand living in Pernik.

A history of coal mining, metallurgy and engineering dating back to the 19th century makes Pernik one of the most important industrial centres in Bulgaria, however, this is also a city with rich traditions and culture. Pardubice and Pernik have upheld relations since 2002 even though they haven’t entered into a twin town agreement. Mutual contacts on the cultural scene are particularly buoyant.

Clear evidence of this is participation of Pernik’s Orpheus Philharmonic Orchestra at Pardubice Musical Spring Festival or the participation of artists from Pardubice at an open air painting festival in Pernik. Pernik was one of three cities that cooperated in the tripartite project called Logo East I. Its framework established a front desk in Pernik. Consequently there was an additional project, Logo East II. which entailed the automation of services provided by city offices in Pernik,  known as “e-government”.  In 2008 Pardubice and Pernik signed the friendship memorandum.